Even more ideas...

Some other ideas among many others...

  • If you like music, don't miss the Aluna festival every year in June ! Many artists are performing  during 3 days in a very hot ambiance !  
  • From mid-July to mid-August, Labeaume offers its festival Labeaume in Musics, which is mixing classical music with internationally famous artists : Barbara Hendricks, Richard Galliano, Michel Portal, Sonia Wieder Atherton, le Trio Wanderer, le Trio Joubran, Jean-François Zygel, Didier Lockwood, Jordi Savall…
  • In July and August in Lablachere, Jean-Marc Moutet and Joël Bioux are restoring Jean Ferrat to life for a nice moment to share !
  • On the beginning of September in Ruoms, an international competition of game of bowls takes place...

And of course, Ruoms market place is opened on Friday from 8H00 to 13H00 and even at night on Wednesday from 19h00 to 23h00 in July and August.

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